health, safety and environment

At Infiniti Commercial Pools, we pride ourselves on the comprehensive health and safety culture we have nurtured and developed over many years. We consider the health and safety of our staff and contractors, and the minimisation of environmental impacts critical to the overall success of a project.

We are committed to ensuring all health and safety risks are effectively managed at all stages of construction and delivery.

We are very conscious of the need to manage environmental impacts and have a detailed environmental risk management procedure. For each project we undertake a comprehensive health, safety and environmental risk assessment specifc to that project’s requirements.

We ensure all staff involved with the project comply with the controls identified in the assessment. We have developed our own comprehensive SWMS for all tasks undertaken and promote a ‘think twice, act once’ mentality in our workplace.

design - consult - construct

Our aim is to assist architects, engineers and project managers in the following key areas to ensure efecient and comprehensive project delivery.